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Cross-border asset transfer

AXXT believes that the best way to protect your investments is through the incorporation of an offshore holding company in a low-tax jurisdiction. Preferred holding destinations include Hong Kong, Luxembourg, and the offshore jurisdictions of the UK, including Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, and Bermuda. All of these offer favorable conditions for the holding and maintenance of alternative investments, protection against economic instability, as well as a developed financial infrastructure for their protection and transfer, especially relevant in the case of tangible investments.

AXXT cost-effective and solutions driven. Our company formation and related services are as follows:

-Offshore company formation in major offshore jurisdictions

- Singapore, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Malta and the UK

- Seychelles, Labuan, Ras AI Khaimah, The Bahamas, BVI, Cayman, Nevis, Samoa

- Company formation in Panama(World leaders, Public officials and Politicians, and elites are able to keep personal financial information private. Does not have diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China)

AXXT can provide clients who hold investments with reliable service providers who can guarantee the safety of these holdings.