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Dual Citizenship Second Passport

  AXXT knows that there are as many reasons people seek foreign citizenship, dual citizenship and multiple passports as there are people. Having a second (or third) passport can make moving one's self or assets across borders a much easier process, and parents often seek to send their children abroad for education, which is often much cheaper and hassle-free if they possess citizenship or residency in the jurisdiction of the target school. But gaining foreign citizenship or dual citizenship can be a difficult legal process even in the best of times, and restrictions placed in the name of national security are growing every day.

  In an environment like this, AXXT can help. We know the ins and outs of gaining foreign citizenship and multiple passports, the requirements and the methods with which to report them. While many nations offer dual citizenship to qualified investors, the qualifications of these investors and their investment requirements can vary greatly by jurisdiction. Likewise, certain requirements for duration of residency, purchase of a primary residence or real estate, and other such matters must also be dealt with.

  Even after you've gained your foreign citizenship or dual citizenship, AXXT can continue to help you with your needs. People possessing dual citizenship or multiple passports, or simply holding investments in multiple countries, need to be kept aware of matters such as double taxation, inheritance laws and taxes, the complexities of cross-border asset transfer and management of your international possessions. We can deal with these matters so that you can focus on the things that really matter- your work and your personal life

  Multiple passports and dual citizenship can open up new opportunities and increase your and your assets freedom of movement, but it can also carry with it many unforeseen inconveniences and new difficulties. Let AXXT simplify and expedite the process for you, so you can take advantage of the possibilities opened up by an international lifestyle.